Linden Labs Advise Users to AR zfRedZone

13 02 2011

Someone has anonymously posted this quotation from an unnamed source on this blog. I want to give it some prominence, but honesty dictates I must make it quite clear I do not know if this is genuinely from a Linden. Nevertheless it is good advice – too good to be buried in a comment.

Many thanks to the person who posted it.

“We are aware of this program called Redzone, and it is indeed against our Terms of Service for private information about someone’s account to be given out on Second Life without the owner’s permission. We are investigating this issue and hope to resolve it soon. In the meantime, please file an Abuse Report on the program (if you don’t have a specific resident to report, you can put down Governor Linden) and encourage your friends to do so as well. The more residents who can point out a bad program, the more importance this issue acquires. If you have further questions on this issue, please reply to this ticket.”




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13 02 2011
Marx Dudek

This sets off so many BS detectors for me. If there is a decision made that RedZone is not TOS compliant, it will be made publicly on the official blog. And by that time, a decision will have been made about what LL plans to do about it. And if they had determined it was a violation of TOS, why would they continue to investigate it – and why would they need people to AR what they’re already aware of? Whenever I’ve ARed something that has already been ARed, the response has been, “We’re aware of it, thank you.”

Finally, “The more residents who can point out a bad program, the more importance this issue acquires”, smacks of third-party editorializing, not official LL communique.

13 02 2011
Phil Deakins

I can’t disagree with you, Marx. It was “The more residents who can point out a bad program, the more importance this issue acquires” that raised my eyebrows. Either something is against the ToS or it’s not. It doesn’t need its importance to be raised for action to be taken.

On the other hand, remember how long it took LL to make any public statement about the copybot program – a very long time, even though they knew all along that the program was stealing their customers’ stuff.

13 02 2011
Magnuz Binder

It may be edited bull-shit, but I’m not so sure. This seems to be a bigger issue with Linden Labs than the official semi-silence implies. I had concierge support saying something along these lines the other day, that he may not have been supposed to say, and that didn’t quite make sense until I saw Soft Linden’s comment on the JIRA and the new CEO’s views on privacy in Second Life. Seems like some Linden’s are knowing something they barely can shut up about, or perhaps even have been instructed to “leak”. But that’s just my 2 conspiracy cents.

13 02 2011
Innula Zenovka

I don’t find the bit about how the number of people AR-ing something helps prioritize it particularly odd. It’s pretty much what the Knowledge Base article on Abuse Reports says:
“Reports from multiple people show the RESI (Resident Experience Support Inworld) Team that an incident affected more people than a single report would. If twenty Residents are affected, we should receive at least twenty abuse reports from twenty different Residents, which can corroborate evidence. “

13 02 2011
Jim Tarber

FWIW, the only place this turns up in a Google search is people quoting this without attributing it to where it came from. At this point I would assume it’s crap unless it can be sourced, although it may just be to recent to be found in the Google index yet.

That said, anything that is used as a security device should not be used at all unless there is ZERO chance of false positives. IP addresses mean NOTHING in terms of reliability. Yes it might catch some fish but it may also hurt the innocent, and therefore it should not be used for anything more than a hint of a possibility, and clearly the RedZone developer does not get that simple fact. Of course this doesn’t even bring up the privacy invasion issues which are huge here too and an overwhelming reason to outlaw this.

14 02 2011
Mister Acacia

I read this statement just a couple days ago, it was attributed to someone from LL Customer Support. But it was accompanied by a grain of salt, suggesting that the person making the statement was a contracted agent and did or could not speak for LL.

14 02 2011
Magnuz Binder

If the statement is from a communication with Second Life support, I doubt the actual source will show up in Google search. As far as I know, Linden Labs do not publish their support communications. But the statement is in line with their official abuse report policy, yes.

14 02 2011
zFire Xue

You can guess what I say about this. Fake, as RedZone is indeed approved, active, and will remain so.

14 02 2011
Steve Noland

I cant take that quote serious till I know the original source and consider that source’s credibility. The last thing I want to do is take part in stuff LL full of ARs that may slow down taking action. On the other hand… maybe its genuine?

14 02 2011

I agree with your scepticism. However, I think the advice is good. As Innula quoted, it does seem that the strength of feeling about an issue is guaged, to some extent, by the number of ARs received.

As I said when I posted that up, the quote is unverified, and even if it is genuine and unglossed, it may be someone saying more than they really should have at this stage.

On the other hand, I have a sense that the tide is turning against RedZone. I note that inworlds have already made it quite clear that any such devices will be banned on their grid. Some other comments also make me think RedZone’s days are numbered. Maybe I am just an eternal optimist, but we will see.

14 02 2011

Oh and to zFire – even if its fake, it is no more so then what you told your Redzoneophiles about how all Greenzone people were about to be suspended and banned from SL.

RedZone is active, but don’t think for a minute that this means it is “approved”.

Once again, as you are posting here, how do I send you my data protection notice to get my personal data removed from your database please? As required under the UK data protection act to which you are subject for having gathered my data and sold it to UK residents.

15 02 2011

I made an attempt to report the RedZone at a Certain Pre Fab home company. I had been previously banned from, I guess for nothing other than using the GreenZone hud. My friend had also tried to try out his greenzone here and he was banned as well and logged as an alt of me (Apparently we’re still trying to figure out why this is happening as we’re on two different continents, zfire gave us an excuse that our group was ARed and LL logged into our accounts to investigate, but this is on going even after the redzone on our sim was removed)

After I logged as an alt to this Pre Fab Home Company (I even have a new modem since the previous incident), I found the RedZone behind the fountain. I was making an attempt to AR it and was kicked off the sim without notice. Maybe the owner of sim is banning people with parcel media turned off or was watching that I had the RedZone in my sights. Needless to say banning innocent customers isn’t the way to run a business.

16 02 2011
Velvet Bikcin

When Emerald starting having it’s trouble last year, the silence from the Lab was deafening. When the decision did come to ban the viewer, it was swift, and unambigous. I suspect the same will happen this time. If indeed Redzone is disabled, a notice will go out over the blog, and within 24-48 hours, something will be disabled to make Redzone inactive.

I remember the hilarious video of the Emerald developers boasting that they could circumvent the Emerald ban, and watching as it turned out the Lab was a bit more clever than them.

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