A Recap of the Last Week (and a bit)

15 02 2011


After yet another mass data insertion incident into the RedZone database, and zFire’s attempts to cover it up again, I published the article describing how this is achieved.


zFire is alerted by private message to this blog, and reads the article. He quickly reacts by inserting a break into his PHP back end code. stopping all RedZones inworld from working.


Version 4.1.4 of the Redzone server is rolled out. No changes made to the backend, and RedZones are still broken inworld.

The Redzone alt scanning HUD is disabled. The move attracts criticism from users that zFire quickly deletes from his forums.


Version 4.1.5 of the Redzone server is rolled out with a new “encryption” scheme and other changes. Tests on locations that upgrade suggests few are actually scanning. Technical support forums reveal the remote sensing “bones” are broken.


zFire Xue claims approval for and impending public endorsement of his spyware:

by zFire Xue » Mon Feb 14, 2011 9:17 pm

[…] I try to explain and they make up random stuff.
Wait until they see an LL endorsement. I have asked to meet with them regarding a public endorsement to put all the lies to rest and help the security of SL businesses, economy and reduce drama to improve the enjoyment of secondlife.
Greenies are in serous trouble with LL.


Version 4.1.6 is rolled out to fix the remote scanning bones. The fix breaks the flying remote scanning probes.

Version 4.1.7 is rolled out to fix the probes. Technical support reveals that they are still not fixed.

Linden Labs removes RedZone spyware from their marketplace.

FRIDAY: zFire keeps quiet about the delisting, removing threads that mention it from his forum, whilst starting to warm his readers up to a possible u-turn on alt detection

SATURDAY: Redzoned sims are suffering griefer attacks. Please not that we strongly oppose griefer action, and other such actions that will antagonise Linden Labs, and will muddy the clear division between the griefer actions of spyware operators and those on the side of privacy and freedom. As there is no single anti redzone movement, but rather a broad coalition fo the majority of the users of the second life service, it was inevitable some would choose direct action. Nevertheless I think this is not the best way to get our point across.

Despite those reservations, I do notice that RedZone cannot prevent griefing in sims. Well we all knew that of course. I guess those griefers just turned their media off!

Once again though – seriously – please do not send prim bombs or chat spammers or any other such stuff to Redzoned sims. We need those owners to realise they are the bad guys, not entrench them in a “fight the griefers” fantasy.




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