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17 02 2011

This was so hilarious and so spot on, I am shamelessly copying it to my blog!

Rickster Highfield wrote:

ya’ll get your panties in a bunch about Redzone but no one mentions the DJ’s that rent streams that have websites they can admin their streams which shows actual IP numbers and locations of the IP’s where as redzone does not and are encrpyted nice to see your all concerned about privacy but if you truly were you would never log on the net

Casey Pelous replied:

I’ve searched in vain for the Shoutcast web site that scans the crowd, dumps the IP addresses into a database and collates them with avatar names then makes all the collated results available inworld to anyone for USD $17.   Can you assist me?   Without that I’m afraid I’ll just never get these panties unwadded.




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18 02 2011
Casey Pelous


Didn’t know my panties would get all famous and stuff …….lolz!

P.S.: Still in a wad.

18 02 2011
Unya Tigerfish

I am an optimist… maybe I am overestimating some signs… but zF Redzone is as of today no longer listed on SL Marketplace. I know a lot of people have reported it there as well…
Items are still active in-world though.

Maybe, just maybe, we are witnessing the beginning of the end.

18 02 2011
Nelson Jenkins

I’ll be damned, you’re right… I bet the folks on the forums are tearing their dicks off trying to figure this one out.

18 02 2011
Unya Tigerfish

I doubt this: zFire deletes negative threads or comments quickly.

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