From the ICO’s February Newsletter

18 02 2011

This crossed my desk today. This is another EU privacy law that RedZone is now breaking (and yes, it applies to RedZone because his operation knowingly collects data on and sells to EU citizens):

New e-privacy directive will soon come into force

The revised e-privacy directive is due to come into force in May as part of the revised EU Telecoms Package.

The new laws will include the so-called ‘cookies rule’ which requires organisations to get consent from the user before deploying cookies or other similar files. The new rule is an attempt to give users more control and choice over how the information is stored or accessed on their computer.

Basically the new rules state that third party cookies must be provided on an opt in basis. I can hear Redzoneophiles squealing already abou “every e-commerce site using cookies”, but the commissioners thought of that:

This requirement does not apply equally to all types of cookies. Those used simply to enable the user to use a website properly (e.g. language settings or shopping cart functionality on are not subject to this consent requirement. The intention of the strengthened rules in the revised directive is to enforce users’ right to refuse “third party” cookies in particular.

So in short, RedZone’s use of cookies in the URLs he sends through the parcel media bug is now also specifically illegal in Europe.




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26 02 2011
MS tacks Mozilla ‘Do Not Track’ header onto W3C submission | Hacking Articles Resource

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