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21 02 2011

It looks like Zfire wants me off his forum, banning the IP I use to read there and all. Luckily my trusty spy network of ninja attack trout were able to get me this masterpiece:

Options to eject users with streaming off are because streaming off is a popular griefer myth[1], and a great way to weed out people in a club or media area who clearly are not there for the music or other media[2]. It is also a great way to smite[3] such griefers.
The hearing impaired are hearing EMPOWERED with a computer and headphones[4]. If deaf, they be able to enjoy video, or simply feel the beat of music on their skin[5].


[1] myth: (2) [COUNTABLE/UNCOUNTABLE] something that people wrongly believe to be true.

I think this is the sense Zfire intends for the word “myth”. Of course the sentence makes no sense. Is he saying that the option to eject users is a myth? Yet one of his own flunkies used this very option, and posted in the technical support forum that it was a disaster. Is Zfire perhaps pretending that turning media off does not protect you from IP scanning by RedZone? in which case, we see once again that he is a fibber.

Of course, banning people with media off was bound to be a disaster. One detects media off passively. You cannot ask the client to tell you the media is off, because the client is not THAT insecure. So to know media is off, you send it a parcel media URL and wait for a connect to your database.

But Zfire’d database is flaky too, and the SQL server keeps getting overloaded (not so much last week when no scanning was happening, but previous weeks the server was constantly refusing connections). Thus there are at least 2 reasons (and in fact many more) why the server would get no update from a user. Reason 1 is they have media off, and reason 2 is that they have it on, but the database is too overloaded to accept the scan results. Some other reasons are: (3) the RedZone probe tries to send parcel media updates from a parcel in which it has no such permission, (4) filtering software filters out the spyware connection whilst still allowing parcel media to play.

So all in all, if you ban people for not playing parcel media, you will also ban plenty of people who ARE playing it. Oops… more “collateral damage”.

[2] This is me btw. I run SL with sound off nearly all the time. I go to clubs to be social with friends. I chat with them and hang out. I don’t listen to the music. Neither do I grief anyone of course, but that doesn’t matter. I am collateral damage.

[3] Smite. What a lovely word. It is Old English (from Smitan, which is, aptly, a strong verb in Old English. Old English had strong verbs and weak verbs. The weak ones are what we now call regular verbs, and the strong ones were irregular. Just like Zfire to use an IRREGULAR verb, I must say.) Oops…who poked me? Oh was I boring you? sorry…

[4] The hard of hearing are being empowered by being forced to listen to tinny music through headphones and chatspammers going “weeee” and “woohooo” and other such inane comments? You know that can be really bad for tinnitus. Clueless nincompoop.

[5] So if you are deaf, you are expected to turn on your parcel media, download huge volumes of data (which many users have to pay for) and turn the volume up high enough that things vibrate sufficiently so that you can enjoy getting vibration white finger whilst playing in SL? Note these deaf people will not hear the neighbour banging on the door asking them to turn the volume down!

Just to be clear, I ran this past a disability and equalities specialist I work with and she was quite clear that if any company had a policy such as this in the UK they would be liable to prosecution under the disability discrimination act. The USA has similar laws.




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21 02 2011
Magnuz Binder

Well, what did you expect from Mikey-boy? That he would appreciate how you keep picking all his clever statements into pieces and let him make a laugh out of himself. You have to respect that his ego is soon all that will be left, after he’s been stripped of dignity, RedZone, and his fan-boys, who will no doubt abandon him when they can no longer bask in his imaginary glory and power…

21 02 2011
Chelsea Malibu

The notion that all alts are griefers is very disconcerting and completely unfair. Many of us use alts so we can leave work! If you have a successful business in SL, whenever you log in, everyone knows and the only way one can enjoy the other activities in SL is to build an alt. If is was such a huge issue and a spawning grounds for griefing, then why would Linden Labs allow you up to 5? The delusional behavior exhibited by this moron monkey boy alarms me. And, all of it just to make a few lindens!

21 02 2011
Azure Twine

IN the USA it is called the Americans with Disabilities Act. While it does not yet require private company websites to be completely accessible, great strides have been made to make the web accessible to all.

I don’t listen to music in clubs because I usually don’t like the music. I like live music mostly.

People with hearing issues (not just legally deaf) should not be excluded from SL activities. This is discrimination. And zfire’s statements are incredibly ignorant. To greate a tool that would punish people based on a disability is just wrong.

22 02 2011

It’s totally mess, looks like a syndrome of lambs.. you know, the politicians do the same! Hey, we must do that! Ohh yes (ppl tell) we must do it! Hahaha, really stupid thing!

22 02 2011
Nelson Jenkins

You forgot those of us who don’t stream music because we have terrible internet connections. I guess those of us that get throttled by our ISP for no reason (and live in an area where neighborhoods are handed over to individual ISPs and we are given no option to choose another) just have to get screwed over by those fortunate to have faster internet connections.

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