Lies, Damned Lies and ZFire’s Statistics

22 02 2011

I don’t know why ZFire keeps updating stats on his site as they only make him look more and more dishonest.

According to his stats, between 20 February and 22 February, RedZone installations leaped from 20281 to 20647. That is an increase of 366, which is nearly 8 units an hour. Not bad for a product that has been BANNED from the SL Marketplace.

So let’s think. The only place we can buy these devices is at the store in world. That must be quite some traffic on the sim.

So I popped into the sim (which was empty as usual except for the camper that seems to be there all the time some distance away) and I checked the traffic. The traffic was a…1367 (which is lower than my homestead). That translates to about 56 avatar minutes per hour.

Did I mention the camper?

So actually there is no evidence that Zfire has received enough traffic to sell even one unit, let alone 8 an hour every hour for 2 days!

Zfire is a fibber. Redzone was installed on about 3% of sims, and the number is going down.




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22 02 2011
Psyke Phaeton

Dessie Linden reassigned VWR-24746:
Assignee: WorkingOnIt Linden
RedZone Security violates TOS, exposes private information and is being misused

Who is Dessie?
“Viewer Release Manager here at Linden Lab”

The viewer is going to be fixed? :O

23 02 2011
DeNovo Broome

I’m walking away from this for the time being. There’s one set of people that need to do something, and one person who’s job it is to make them do it. They need to reassure us that they are doing something, and it needs to be done.

I’ve unfollowed the JIRA – since everything that needs saying has been said, and saying it again will simply add to my personal displeasure.

23 02 2011
Debbie Warcliffe

His numbers grow because if a device is disconnected then reconnected, it counts as new. Skewed to look good for him. Some people attach the original device as a HUD and when you do so, each time you log in counts as new one. His numbers are declining, not growing.

23 02 2011
Huntress Unya
23 02 2011

This is from another forum that has no love for redzone
“2-18-2011, 12:02 PM Post: #1
Greifer Girl

Posts: 441
Joined: Jun 2010
Reputation: 20 Thanks: 7
Given 12 thank(s) in 9 post(s)

Zfire’s main acount
I have heard from a very reliable source that zfire xue is not the creator of redzone, The avatar and person is []. It has taken me a very long time to figure this out, so you can thank your evil griefer queen for using her best “assets” to get what she wants.
Oh ya and by the way
Men are easy

zombies+weed/wrath times the speed of fright squared-brains*100%fucked=??????”

A little FYI

[MODERATION EDIT: Thank you for this information, but I have taken it upon myself to edit out the avatar name. I have done this for two reasons. (1) Just because RedZone play fast and loose with personal data, and are happy to out alts on public websites filled with hateful gossip, does not mean we should so the same. I oppose RedZone because they do such things. If zFire wants a secret alt to rebuild his second life after RedZone collapses, then sobeit. (2) I always have a bit of an issue with those warnings “stay clear of X, he will steal your money” or whatever, because it seems to me that the easiest way to grief someone is to get lots of people to do it for you – by sending out those warnings. I doubt that is what happened here. I suspect this information was correct, but I have no way to verify it. Thus I think it safest to have the information deleted.

Nevertheless thank you for posting this. I think we all suspect zFire has some alts – alts which no doubt don’t ever show up in the RedZone database!]

23 02 2011
Unya Tigerfish

Builder’s Brewery, SL biggest content creator network, today removed the redzones from their sims.

23 02 2011
Theia Magic

You’re right that he’s full of crap. Any stats published after 2/17 are likely total fabricated BS, and here’s why:

[2011/02/17 10:45] zFire Xue: I have helped so many more people then you know. You refuse to read my forums and see for yourself.
[2011/02/17 10:45] Theia Magic: Helped?? Really….with your staggering .025% copybot detection? Dude you are the epic failure of copybot detection. Accept it.
[2011/02/17 10:47] zFire Xue: .025% unique against 9million non unique visit count. I will create a stat to show how many CB visits where blocked
[2011/02/17 10:48] Theia Magic: You’ll create a false stat, I’m sure, now that you know what a failure your true stats makes you look like

23 02 2011

Well at least LL assigned their lackey account for this issue “WorkingOnIt Linden”. Of course we all know that its just to smear eyes to all people that would like to see him banned…

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