zFire Taken to Wearing a Skirt

24 02 2011

Rumour has it that zFire is having trouble with incendiary pants these days, and his only solution is to start wearing skirts instead.

Why is that? well it does rather look like he is suffering from pseudologia fantastica. The last couple of days have seen his fabrications reaching mythomaniac proportions.

Let’s unwind some of these. Starting with his stats again, he published more today. Despite the fact we have observed almost zero activity at his shop, his latest stats tell us he has sold another whopping 342 RedZone units in the last 2 days. That is still well over 7 units an hour – one unit every 10 minutes 24 hours a day for 2 days. Once again, this despite the fact his product was banned from the marketplace.

Pretty good going on sim traffic if 1400. That means that everyone wanting a RedZone device TPs to his sim, spends 7 minutes purchasing the product and TPs out, and that no one dawdles, and ever person on the sim buys the product.

Oh wait – except that AFK avatar avatar is still there… now if that avatar is there all the time then that actually means that his shop gets no other visitors (or as close as makes no difference). Real total sales of RedZone last 24 hours? 0 (or maybe 1 if the AFK person bought one).

The other stats continue to lie too… but thats okay because zFire entertained us with new lies. His customers were expressing concern that his product was about to be banned, and asked why he had remained silent on the marketplace ban of all alt detectors last week. After much begging, he finally broke silence

Re: Sharing GreenZone griefers with the community‬
‪‬by ‪zFire Xue‬ » Wed Feb 23, 2011 1:03 pm
So what is the latest Rumor about RedZone not being on the Marketplace? =)
I have been speaking with LL in regards to a group of people who have been harassing a group of Tier paying RedZone owners.

If I only had a penny for every time zFire claimed to be speaking to Lindens, or working with Lindens to ban all the evil terrorists, or assisting a Linden investigation, or getting Linden Labs to change their TOS, or helping Linden Lab improve their security!!! I would be rich enough by now to buy Linden Lab myself!

If zFire Zue has been speaking to Linden Labs, then frankly I am Dobby the House Elf.

Ll does not stand for that, but they are slow to suspend and ban the GZ griefing.

He has to say this because 2 weeks ago he said al the GreenZone people were about to be banned or suspended. He predicted the end of GreenZone within a week. Now apart from his usual conflation of all criticism of him with GreenZone, the proof of his lie is in that no such bans or suspensions seem to have happened.

I have also been talking with them about how to continue banning Copybots, their alts, and alts of people you have banned

Let us be clear on this: Random guy in a Washington basement, who thinks user agents and dynamic IP bans are a good way to ban people, and whose own security is so ludicrously weak that I could crack his encryption with paper and pencil, and I did not even mention all the other stuff that he has done so terribly wrong that it would take me several lectures just to cover it all… he wants to talk to Linden Labs – people with actual *qualifications* in Computer Science – how to go about banning copybots and alts?

That is like me going to tell a ballet dancer how to pirouette! (For those who don’t know me, which is nearly all readers here, I dance like a dyspraxic hippo in a kilt).

I am not sure if the above was a barefaced lie. I expect it is, but its just possible that he is talking at Lindens, who are soothingly patting his head and smiling condescending smiles, as they fight down their urge to break several of the 10 commandments in quick succession.

I even assured one of the more polite GZ members that the idea of stalking will be impossible with the zRZ HUD v1.5 (Currently not released).

This may actually be true. When his product was banned from the Marketplace, the Lindens may have told him that it was specifically the alt detection he had to remove. It may be he is attempting to comply. I hope that this is not the case, as the problem with RedZone goes beyond alt detection, and is bound up in the existence of that illegal database, and its silent collection of data through a viewer exploit. A product that actually said “click this URL to have your IP address permanently recorded against your avatar name” would be the only thing that would be legal, although the existing database would also need to be purged. We will see.

Linden Labs is more interested in protecting their tens of thousands of Tier paying residents then responding directly to the rumors created mostly by problem people.

Linden Lab is more clever than that. They know that (1) Only 3% of sims run RedZone – most sim owners do not run it. (2) More people who oppose it have sims than those who own it and support it, but even if neither of these were true (3) Sim owners are often there to make money. They buy the sim and rent it out. If they are succesful at all, they are net drains on the SL economy. The financial inputs come from the non owners who rent from the sim owners, paying over the monthly tier which covers the cost of the sim and a profit for the owner.

Now if you chase away the end users, then those sim owners are not going to hold on to their empty sims. They are here to make a profit, and the Lab knows this. They know they have to keep *all* the residents happy, because if people walk away en masse and in disgust, those sim owners are simply not going to hang around.

Of course, zFire has no more clue about economics than he does about Computer Science.

Now here comes the real whopper.

I myself have delisted RZ from the marketplace for a few reasons. Many sales marked as “delivery failed, payment not received” yet the buyer has a brand new RZ unit online. Also because my own vendor system works just fine, without commission fees. But lastly, because I would love to see who claims responsibility on the record for it not being on the market, so that I can make an undeniable point when I relist it.

Get that? Zfire claims his product was not banned, but that he delisted it himself.

Hmm.. I smell the heady aroma of burning pants.

Zfire is not the only liar though. Look we have this from the ever foolish Crackerjack:

Seems an odd train of thought that?
whats going to be killed by the Lindens, as far as I know, Linden Labs is extremely happy with the device and have stated so, many times

No, they have not ever once said they are happy with this product. Not once.

And when zFire claimed they were going to give an endorsement – they banned it from the marketplace.

Someone pass Crackerjack a skirt too. Looks like he is another one who cannot wear pants.




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24 02 2011
Nelson Jenkins

Come now, you didn’t mention how relisting the same product is against the Marketplace TOS?

Not that zFire cares, anyway.

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