ZFire Threatens To Illegally Share His Database

25 02 2011

ZFire's Post - Before He Deleted It

ZFire's Post - Before He Deleted It

Just in case anyone thought zFire might actually care about the law, decency or indeed anything but his own greed. He dispelled all such notions with this:

If RedZone is banned, I will be forced to privatize the RedZone service with a service that operates outside of Secondlife, and therefore unrestricted by the above secondlife policy. Without that secondlife policy alt information will be shared with everyone. LSL scripts would be provided free of charge for people to copy paste into their own prims, and RedZone devices would continue to remain in SecondLife. Such a website would accept paypal instead of Linden dollars for membership. I don’t want that, nor do you. I prefer to operate with Linden Labs, not against them.

Equally chilling is his plan for auto consent. You will be deemed to have consented to having your alts shared if you don’t explicitly deny within 60 seconds.




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25 02 2011

If I remember correctly, you had asked a while back about viewers that incorporated a patch to the Media system.
Cool VL viewer has one incorporated into todays update.
Phoenix had a patch submitted to Mercurial on the 21st but the last release was on the 13th.

25 02 2011

I am downloading Cool VL right now and will be using it until other clients catch up (maybe longer. I used to use Cool Viewer, and its a great and well put together build). Many thanks.

25 02 2011

Totally called it that he’d realize his blunder, but far too late. Myself and others already got screenshots of the post before he edited.

Definitely deserves its own post as it proves our point about our misgivings with zFire.

26 02 2011

What a sleazy slime zfire is. His little threat to publish his list is noting but a desperate act of thrashing about in the water before he sinks. Good riddence to redzone and hopefully zfire soon after.

26 02 2011
Azure Twine

Why Zfire is still allowed on the grid confuses me.
Zfire acts like he is 12, a script kiddie.

Skills, for all her faults, was never rude to me and though she developed a similar system, she never outed anyone’s alts as far as I know. Zfire is a griefer. Redzone is written as a griefing tool with it’s caging and killing and stuff. Serious security tools would be just that, serious.

26 02 2011
Mysty Saunders

Is there a public screenshot of that blunder made by Mr. Poopy Pants?

26 02 2011

Yes there is πŸ™‚ Now updated on the post.

26 02 2011
Boy Lane

He’s just a clown. Why would someone be interested in a unreliable list of names that were collected over time. One could just go to http://slnamewatch.com πŸ™‚
Hey zFire, I suggest you focus on your “Hamlin screws the casino” DVD project :p

26 02 2011

Lots of people will be Boy Lane.
Those that do not invest deeper and take the reliability of that data for granted.

26 02 2011

Auto consent plan sounds ‘interesting’. Especially if you consider an Avatar might be offline.

26 02 2011

That idea is pretty much retarded… Well, not retarded, but would be idiotic for LL to allow auto-consent. Simply because sometimes you get stuck on sim, you cant tp out, also, in case of “blue box”, if you have option to choose from, and you get crashed, on reload you will no longer have it shown to you. So, system sent message, you didnt replied, you are still in sim = auto consent.
Nothing that you must put your signature to allow it can be “auto”. Can you make your RL signature auto? No, you have to sign yourself on every document that needs your signature. Sure you can give your lawyer permission to do so, but still to do so, you again have to sign it yourself.

26 02 2011

Resplond … your lawyer signing on your behalf is not autoconsent, it’s under the terms of a power of attorney which you DID sign … a VERY different animal.

I agree … this should not be allowed to stand. Presumed consent does not work – just like those “This pick counts as consent to log and share your IMs whether you have read it or not” are so much hot air.

Although if he DOES try this …BANG breach of ToS!!!

26 02 2011

Auto consent is a distraction from his actual plan of “implied” consent. Though, implied consent would be a lot stronger if you were given physical notice and an area to enter to after the fact. Such as an isolated region being used as a welcome area for another area that was using RZ.

28 02 2011
Nelson Jenkins

Got one of those consent IMs today.

[09:49:26] zRZ Consent Request: Hello Nelson Jenkins. Some Dipshit is requesting your consent to view your alt usernames in a zF RedZone background check.
To grant consent please visit: http://isellsl.ath.cx/checkconsentinfo.php?c=somekindofMD5hashcodethatIremovedsoyoucan'tconsentforme

Obviously didn’t click the link. I’m wondering if clicking it will consent for ANYONE to view your alts, or just the person that asked for consent?

28 02 2011
Nelson Jenkins

I just clicked the fake link, and this is a real kicker:

zF RedZone now requests that users provide each other with consent to view each others alt username info.
This information can be requested as a form of background check in SecondLife(tm) to help:

* For a business to know who they are doing business with. (why is this important?)
* To verify the unique or lack of unique connection between multiple users. (again, why is this important? you can spoof your IP and tada, you’re someone’s alt forever)
* For a business to verify or avoid rehiring old employees. (right…)
* To screen visitors or social encounters for possible undercover competitors. (oh, come on. if someone was going undercover, would they legitimately allow RZ to scan them, then consent to having someone connect the dots?)
* For a merchant to verify a new user as an old customer for redelivery. (see IP spoofing. my company policy states absolutely no redeliveries to other accounts.)
* To confirm or reject a thought or idea. (… the fuck?!?)
* For a potential partner to know who they are entering into a partnership with. (*sigh* sure thing zF, keep telling yourself that)
* To help conclude the link or lack of a link for land access purposes. (what… what?)
* For a date to have an interesting conversation starter. (aaaaggggggh)
* To find and prevent lucky chair or money tree scamming. (I can’t take this anymore, absolutely zero logical link whatsoever here)
* For an Estate manager to screen new administrators. (I would never hire an administrator that’s less than 90 days old in any case, and older alts would probably already be known by the manager)
* To verify the validity of contest board votes. (…)
* For a Sim Security Representative to review and verify the status of a visitor. (fuckfuckfuck)
* To verify the credibility of in-world charitable organization collectors. (I quit.)
* For a Resident to confirm or remove any doubt about a stranger who approached them.
* To verify the credentials of a user representing themselves to be the alternate account of someone important to you.
* For these and many other reasons.

28 02 2011
Wowzie Howzie

AR zFire’s avatar in-world, reference this post and its screenshot. Everyone should do this now since he has threatened to violate the ToS.

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