28 02 2011

Crackerjack wrote some barely literate nonsense that others have more ably pulled apart than I could. But as he is talking about hypocrisy, and as he said this:

people like Sione who, I dont know whether they are banned by any redzone scanners, but whom I highly suspect has,

I think it is time Crackerjack confessed to us just how many of his alts Linden Labs have banned.

Come on Crackerjack – how many is it? Because I know of one of your alts that was permabanned, and another that was banned until you did some identity verification with Linden Lab. I am sure there are others.

Let me see – you told us that that one temporary banned alt had been banned because you and your brother share an IP address, didn’t you?

I could post the evidence, but I won’t share your SL avatar name here without your permission.

I will count to 60, and if you have not told me I can’t, then I guess you are agreeing I may….


Hypocrisy? pah

now reflect on the fact that the hypocrisy is on many levels of their viewers, to the effect that they want land owners and sim owners and business owners to log in on their viewer yet they are making patches to circumvent the very security protecting those things. how more hypocritical does it get? let me tell you !

No need to tell us. We can see for ourselves, thanks.


Just to be clear, it is all about CHOICE. Those of us who believe in our sovereign right to self determination, versus those who think the Oceania of Nineteen Eighty Four is a jolly good idea.




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28 02 2011

The patch referred to in no way prevents a land owner from banning someone from their land, nor does it add any additional means of circumventing the scanning/attempted scanning, than were already available to end-users.

Is not crackerjack of the opinion that only someone with nefarious intent needs to hide themselves or their activities from others? I personally do not share that view, but this patch just makes hiding what one is up to, a bit more difficult, so why would it bother crackerjack given his views, unless crackerjack has nefarious intent?

Thanks for all your great work No2redzone; you are providing an important community service!

1 03 2011

Thanks for the comment rooted. It is having readers that makes writing worthwhile. 🙂

And crackerjack seems to be of all kinds of odd opinions, but sadly not the obvious one: that redzone software is not fit for purpose, and he has been scammed.

Just yesterday he repeated the old cannard that Linden Lab uses IP address bans, and yet we know he has read the article that proves this incorrect. Crackerjack seems to be of the opinion that the way to win an argument is to repeat something everyone knows to be false until he and just possibly someone else might start to believe it!

The fallacy of proof by repeated assertion.

1 03 2011

Your post made me think a bit.
What I dislike about Redzone so much is the sneakiness of it. Owners try to hide their precious little toy, harvest your IP/Viewer into some hug blob. Should they have made it ‘Give your consten to blabla with this consequences or get ejected’ I doubt this would have been blown into such a huge issue.
Of course this would have scared too many visitor in those sims away 🙂

On the other hand there seems to be a growing tendency to ‘spy’ on the RZ member forum, snapshotting the posts there and then posting them somewhere.

Did the posters there gave their consent, that their thoughts, clearly expressed as private, had been harvested and used somewhere else?

Privacy goes two ways. As much as we want to have ours respected, as much should we respect theirs.

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