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1 03 2011

Some interesting brainstorming going on between Redzone users – including those who swore blind they would not use Redzone only to be proven otherwise once users were given their choices back:

by crackerjack » Mon Feb 28, 2011 6:56 pm

Bunderwahl Guisse wrote:Cool viewer using a patch to report RZ units which is then used to intentionally stir up problems. Not many people use it and if we colectivly banned the viewer may be a wake up call. Maybe cool viiewer would rethink their position when the users cant go to some of the biggest and best sims in SL.

I would agree with this, ban by viewer would be good it would also be consistent with the aims of Linden Labs and help promote their viewers, viewers you can trust arent infected with any malicious code that any young bedroom hacker could apply as in the emerald days. I wouldnt trust some of the developers out there as far as I could throw em

Crackerjack does not get it with Open Source Software – anyone can inspect the source code and see for themselves what the viewer is doing. Note that the emerald issue was over a closed source element that was being distributed with the binary. If you stick to open source solutions, you are protected from malicious code, because many eyes make all bugs shallow. In other words, if you try anything malicious, someone is going to catch you out.

Not everyone can follow the source, but there are plenty of people around who can. Enough that code that is open for review will be quality assured by that process.

Not that it matters. I would like to see RedZone users attempt a viewer ban for viewers with the media patch! No report back means no user agent string; thus no viewer identification. Redzone has no idea what viewer is used by people with media off, people with the hosts file block, or people using Cool viewer to blacklist spyware collectors.

If they implement this ban, they will only ban the users who deliberately and willingly comply with Redzone data collection.

Oops. Didn’t think of that, did we?




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1 03 2011
Nelson Jenkins

I thought Crackerjack’s quote was actually yours, and spent several long minutes trying to decipher it, then realized that it’s indented and thus was his quote (not the paragraph above it). Silly me.

Perhaps if your prosperous company’s mouthpiece knew anything of English grammar, you’d have a bit more credibility. (That, and changing your URL to something that doesn’t look like a Norwegian porn scam would be beneficial to your business.)

However, I kid myself – it’s not like I ever ran a business or anything, in-world or out! [audience laughter]

In any case, I can see it playing out now:
RZ auto-bans Cool Viewer. Phoenix follows CV’s steps, and it gets banned too. Ignoring the fact that RZ couldn’t actually obtain viewer data in these cases, 90% of non-idiot SL users are now banned from “the biggest and best sims in SL”. From this, “the biggest and best sims in SL” lose most of their visitors and become “the slowest and worst sims in SL”. RZ customers are in uproar because they lose traffic by the thousands. Linden Lab gets slightly moreso involved (because you just know Phoenix devs are sleeping with some LL employees). The shit has hit the fan long ago; now zF is repeatedly inviting hundreds of people over to shit on the coffee table in his living room, which he then dumps into an industrial blower that sprays it all over SL.

Thanks, RedZone! Another logical, ethical decision from your top-notch public relations team.

1 03 2011

Sometimes I wonder if certain that seem to be zFires buddies are really his enemies in disguise 🙂

Eg. with crackerjacks rabid attacks and his ‘profound knowledge’ of certain technical topic. I think those will hurt zFire more than it will benefit him.

But to be fair, those ‘evangelist’ exists on both sides. And they are not doing anyone any good.

1 03 2011
Azure Twine

Bunderwahl surprises me…not
He came on the Greenzone Users group acting a little less militant about his redzone use, said he was only “testing” it….hmmmm

And biggest and best? Check Bunderwahl’s picks in world for his sim. Despite his delusions, he is not one of the biggest and best and his sim is already restricted to age verified people since it is an adult naughty place. 🙂

Not sure how many griefers waste an adult verify just to get lulz in such a place so I seriously doubt he uses redzone for security. I wonder if his patrons know he is using it since my greenzone hud no longer alerts there meaning he is hiding it. If it is so wonderful a security tool…why do they hide it?????

1 03 2011
Boy Lane

RZ can not detect viewers unless the viewer allows to be detected. That’s why RZ is a complete disaster when it comes to copybot detection. FAIL!

3 03 2011
Jay Prospero

Quote: Crackerjack

“viewers you can trust arent infected with any malicious code that any young bedroom hacker could apply as in the emerald days. I wouldnt trust some of the developers out there as far as I could throw em”

I can’t take that quote seriously when your name sounds like one the untrustworthy bedroom hackers you refer to lol

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