Lindens Banning RedZone

9 03 2011

Soft Linden Removing RedZone From zFire's Store

Soft Linden Removing RedZone From zFire's Store

Okay so this is not news, but I thought people would like to see the pictures and chat of Soft Linden removing the RedZone alt detection spyware from zFire’s store.

[15:47] X X: Hello!
[15:47] X X: It is still there, for sale
[15:47] Soft Linden: Hey hey – can’t talk this sec, in the middle of something
[15:47] Soft Linden: Not anymore it isn’t
[15:47] Soft Linden: Have you seen it for sale elsewhere?
[15:48] Soft Linden: Removed it again. Do me a favor and AR if you see it here or elsewhere before he’s made it compliant.




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10 03 2011
Nelson Jenkins

I was told that if zFire puts RedZone back up on Marketplace, it would violate their three-strike removal policy and he would be banned. Just a fun little fact.

16 03 2011

Redzone is still for sale on the SL marketplace, its be sold by

Mad Scientists Inc
Sold by: TheBoris Gothly

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