zFire “Fractures” himself

11 03 2011

Things are too busy for me to keep up with news on this site, but Samantha Poindexter did a useful summary on the-thread-that-will-not-die. Once again I shamelessly repost it. Feel free to thwack me in my comments if you think that is bad 🙂 :

It hasn’t been that long since the last summary, but another one is totally warranted.
When we left the last summary, SLU and zFire’s forum were abuzz with discussion of that leaked YouTube video.
On the SLU side, people were cross-referencing it with other videos from zFire and Insanity Productions, finding remarkable similarities between the voices and faces of the people therein.
On zFire’s forum, the prevailing opinion was that of course the video was a fake, made by the anti-RedZone griefers to try to bring him down.
The consensus here was that whether the video was real or not, zFire would have to be a complete idiot and/or a pathological liar to address it at all without consulting a lawyer.
So of course he addressed it.
On his forum, zFire explained that of course the video was a fake.
He said that this new account, “mars006kgb”, had nothing to do with him.
He said that he wouldn’t need “mars006kgb”, because he already had “insantiyproductions” and “marskgb006” and other YouTube accounts.
He outlined a vast Green-wing conspiracy, telling all manner of lies to try to bring RedZone down, with this shameless copycat account being just the latest example.
There was just one teensy little catch: the “new” mars006kgb channel page was still cached on Google.
mars006kgb’s account (the “fake” one) was created on April 4, 2008.
marskgb006’s account (the “real” one) was created on April 8, 2008.
For zFire’s claim to make any sense, the anti-RedZone forces would have had to have made their account four days before he did.
On SLU, at least, this is now conclusively settled. The only reasonable explanation is that he (or his team) made both accounts, the video is real, and he’s been lying his ass off to everybody.
On his own forum, zFire has explained that, well, clearly the only possible explanation is that the anti-RedZone forces found a way of hacking YouTube to change the signup date.
Just to be absolutely clear for anybody who doesn’t have a YouTube account… no, that can’t actually be done.
Incidentally, somewhere along the way there, zFire averred that “my server is the most secure server and database in all of Secondlife” and challenged people to try to hack it.
Also, it turns out zFire is publicly listed as a member of an inworld group that presents itself as some sort of computer crime syndicate.
Several highly empathetic members on this forum have expressed sincere concern for zFire’s psychological wellbeing in the wake of all this.
The general consensus is that while zFire may be a bad person, a pathological liar, and/or an evil sack of shit with delusions of grandeur, he’s still a human being and we don’t want him to actually kill himself or anything.
Others have pointed out that pathological liars have the amazing ability not to let anything get to them, so that’s not likely to be a problem.
In other news, Quickware’s website is now advertising services to help you get right back into Second Life, even if you’ve been hardware banned by LL.
It’s also offering the source code for its alt-detector to the highest bidder.

There are plenty of screenshots and copies of deleted videos painting a very clear trail from the video and the rest of Mike’s RL information – especially the admission from him that those youtube channels he pulled down are his, so there is simply no doubt it is genuine.




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11 03 2011

There is a very easy explonation to the above, and I think that zFire has cought the Greenies with their pants down. For all of us that have seen the serie Heroes know about this:
1. Greenies can travel in time.
2. Greenies have the ability of shape shifting.

So here is how it was done:
A Greenie shape shifted to look and sound exactly as Mike, and then travelled back to April 2008 and created the account. The travelled to Aug 2010 and created the video.
There is nothing hocus-pocus with this – I have seen it several times on TV!

11 03 2011

I guess this explanation is as good as zFire’s ….

11 03 2011
Micaela Darkwatch

“specially the admission from him that those YouTube channels he pulled down are his,”

This is actually wrong. He admitted to pulling some videos from the marskgb006 channel only. Videos pulled were mostly those which included him in the shots. He is denying any association between himself and the mars006kgb channel, where the incriminating video was found.

He is insinuating/claiming that the mars006kgb account was created recently, and that YouTube was hacked to change the dates of creation and video uploads.

Google cache mars006kgb:

11 03 2011

Anyone ever thought if its his girlfriend that’s the evil one? Maybe zfire is just her little b*tch. I mean, she did ask for all these hacking tools from him right?

Imagine zfire saying to himself right now “everybody hates me! its not my choice! she made me do it!” haha

11 03 2011

Nice thought Monkies.

In fact I think Mariana is the real name of his girlfriend who is also his SL girlfriend. He has mentioned before that he lives with her in RL as well as SL. She appears to be Russian, and I think we have seen pretty much the extent of Mike’s Russian vocabulary.

Which reminds me of a post in the isellsl forum where zFire answers Thor in German. Anyone who actually knows much German would immediately spot that this was obviously generated by Google Translate! It did not make sense in quite a few places in ways typical of Google translations. Mike is no linguist.

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