zFire Xue Admitting He Hacked SL Accounts

11 03 2011

This video is everywhere now. Thanks Anastasia for this upload to youtube.

Compare it with this one if you have any doubts about who it is.


This was quickly deleted from redzone forum:

Re: *knock knock* WTF?

Postby RedzoneGlugGlug ª Thu Mar 10, 2011 5:32 pm
Go look up “mars006kgb” on google. Then look at the cache Google has.
Creation date Apr 4, 2008.
Then look up marskgb006. It’s creation date is Apr 8, 2008.

Seems those nasty GreenZone folks have a time machine and can go into the
Or that they predict an account name 4 days before zFire creates his own
account. Then wait almost 3 years before springing into action.
Or perhaps we should go for a long shot and claim that zFire lies. I know
it’s unlikely, but it is a remote possibility.

Best laugh of the day though was when zFire categorically denied to a concerned flakseed that this was a video of him – against all the evidence that has been collated to prove that it is. Once again I smell the heady aroma of roasting pants.




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11 03 2011

shame on you zfire for being a drama whore trying to be youtube famous too!

13 03 2011
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