Time To Move On?

17 03 2011

So where now for this blog?

zFire Xue is banned, as are his alts. RedZone is gone. As others point out, the privacy issue in Second Life has not gone away – but we now have much better tools to discover and fight future privacy invasions with Sione’s media patch. The point that this kind of data collection is neither legal nor moral has been made. Most importantly, this is a single issue blog. I called it “no2redzone”, and that issue has vanished down the plug hole of history. And good riddance.

I will continue to watch the privacy issue, and no doubt will contribute again in the future – but this blog is not really needed anymore.

Having said that, there are some loose ends that could be tied up – I may blog about some of these. In particular, I may write an article about how that database could have been so much better protected. I am still considering whether that would be worthwhile to my readers and how I should do that.

But other than a couple of follow up articles, I do not intend to keep up this site. I may archives some news posts but I will keep the general interest stuff available for a historical perspective. However in a couple of weeks I intend to turn comments off on the articles and leave things be.

Now having said that, I could not resist a couple of things. One correction: zFire claimed in his Alphaville Herald article that no one had proven he had a page tracking locations of IP addresses.

In fact I can reveal that the page that did this was hidden in his error404.php document. If logged in as zFire or his girlfriend, the 404 page showed a search box that allowed you to enter an Avatar name and it showed you the location associated with their IP address. Even though I was given access to this information, I did not bother report this as, amongst all the other revelations, that page seemed pretty lame. Just thought I would mention it now though.

The second thing, I just felt that as we are all missing Crackerjack, we should have a quote from him. This written by Crackerjack on 19 February:

my particular expertise is in network security and although i am not an expert in database programming i do work with programmers and know what an sql injection is and how it can be performed and they havent the expertise nor the methodology to do it

Once again many thanks to readers of this blog for your interest.




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18 03 2011

This blog very good to keep inform. Thank you for awareness.

18 03 2011

And thanks to similar blogs who had same effort. Without blogs, red-zone concern would have remained mucky. SL community go back now with better piece of mind.

Arigato ❤

18 03 2011

thanks no2redzone for all the info and updates! I still don’t know who you are so I have no way of following any of your other blogs you make as I find them to be very knowledgeable and fun.

It was so great to discover your blog! Every word you’ve spoken was everything exactly Ive been thinking and wanting to say, and you said it spot on!

We all know zfire is the one who got himself banned from SL, not us. We’re just bloggers and responders like anyone else has been. This whole mess has been a bunch of karma back and fourth like…

-Our privacy was invaded, then was zfire’s.
-Redzone customer accounts were hacked, then was zfire’s site.
-We get bashed on their forum, so did zfire on our blogs.
-We all get banned from thousands of stores, now zfire is just banned.

This has been the most visible “Chain of Karma” effects I have EVER seen in a long time. And its brilliant to see karma happen to someone who does deserve it. Who is to claim anyone deserves anything? Karma, and I’m not judging that I know who deserves what, I am just agreeing with karma 🙂

Hey zfire, my message to you. Go build your own new website that has a forum you can god mod, has a comments section on pictures you can god mod, has a game on the site where you can pick who wins, has a gambling section where you can win every time against yourself….just, go find a new “godly” like hobby and stay the F away from SL because you’ve been caught, you’ve had your ass handed to your and kicked out the door. You’re not welcome here anymore 🙂

Monkies waves goodbye!

18 03 2011
De Novo Broome

This needs to be kept as an archive so I, and others can point to it as an example of what happens when people doubt the wisdom of crowds.

18 03 2011

I am happy to leave it up as an archive, although I will switch comments off at the point I stop looking at it. Thanks all for your interest and kind words.

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