zFire Xue Arrested for Violations of Supervision Order

9 06 2011

Avril Korman blogged an interesting follow up to the RedZone affair a couple of weeks ago. I will quote from her article:

On April 20, 2011, a violation report (for anyone truly that interested, the case number is U.S. District Court, Western District of Washington, case number 01CR00310RSL- and this information is public- call them yourself if you want) was submitted alleging that zFire (Mike Prime) had violated his conditions of supervision by:

  1. Committing the criminal offense of Possession of Stolen Property 1st degree;
  2. Committing the criminal offense of Trafficking in Stolen Property 2nd degree;
  3. Associating with a convicted felon;
  4. Associating with a convicted felon; (note these are two separate charges, which would indicate two separate people/felons)
  5. Failing to allow the U.S. Probation Officer to inspect any personal computer owned or operated by the defendant;
  6. Failing to notify the USPO of all computer software owned or operated by the defendant;
  7. Beginning employment without prior approval of USPO and working for cash.

A warrant was issued for his arrest and on May 2, he surrendered to U.S. Marshals. He appeared before a U.S. Magistrate Judge and denied the allegations. An evidentiary hearing is currently scheduled for May 18, 2011. At this time, pending that evidentiary hearing, he remains in custody.

I think both counts 6 and 7 have some bearing on RedZone, but it is not clear to the extent that thse actually figured in the action by the authroities. I note Avril suggests only count 7 relates to his activities in Second Life, and she is in a better position to know.

In any case, it is an interesting epilogue to the RedZone affair. In the end the bad guy goes to jail.




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10 06 2011
Unya Tigerfish

Evidentiary hearing on May 18th… .now that is almost a month ago… is the outcome of that maybe publicly available aswell?

Yes, personal curiosity, and to draw a real satisfactory final line (a prison sentence would do) under the whole affair…

10 06 2011

Indeed, but that was just an evidentiary hearing. The details of it are here:


In summary, it looks like some kind of plea bargain has happened where Prime has admitted counts 4-7 (count 4 is association with Shawn Cahill – a name we saw before), and the authorities then agreed not to prosecute the more serious counts 1-3. There will be another hearing when the final verdict is given, but at this point Prime stands convicted of violating his supervision order.

Oh and see this: “defendant has been detained.”

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