Prime in Prison

1 09 2011

Tateru Nino has managed to uncover an addendum to the court proceedings surrounding his violations of his court supervision. Since she headlined this a month ago, I have been searching for the document she refers to but I presume she has some access to materials that are not in the public domain as I cannot find it. I this include her commentary asis:

zFire Xue (AKA Michael Prime), creator and operator of RedZone, has been remanded to the custody of the US Marshals and is off for four months in prison. I bet you thought you’d heard the last of him already. This may very well be the last you hear of him. Prime entered a guilty plea for four counts of violating his probation following a prior conviction for fraud.

For the two years after his release, he’s not allowed to work anywhere where computers or computer programming are the primary business, not allowed near any online auction site, and not allowed to participate in Second Life, or any online virtual environment or online social network – at least, not without prior written approval from his assigned Probation Officer.

His computer will be monitored for files and activity during those two years, he can’t contribute to software projects, or write code for hire, and he’s not allowed to create or operate Web-sites. Also he gets to wear one of those nifty tracking devices as a part of the “Home Confinement Program.”

There’s plenty more restrictions as a part of his supervised release, but those are the interesting ones.

There was also a US$500 fine, but it was waived due to financial incapacity. There’s no sign of any of the money he made out of RedZone customers.




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1 09 2011

My guess about the money? with how unfailable (Doubt that is a word but oh well) he thought he was, probably never took it from his SL balance.

11 09 2011
Potosi Abonwood

Personally I don’t think he sold nearly as many units as he claimed. Most of it was probably already spent before he ever got arrested.

15 09 2011

He did managed to sell Red-Zone products to foreigners atleast.

Spoke to an oriental merchant who had red-zone prior to zfire’s jailing.

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